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05. August 2019
If this has happened to you, this is a familiar story. You feel off, weird... not yourself. You are air headed and anxious with a brain that won't slow down. You think you know what is wrong. You are ungrounded! You've been here before, right? You know what to do. Perhaps you grab a dark crystal or slip into a sea salt bath. Maybe you kick off your shoes and head outside to connect your bare feet to earth. Maybe you meditate and perform some energy work to try to balance that root.

22. April 2014
Holy moses, what a deep, heavy energy we are in. All around me I am seeing people acting like zombies, just moving through the day, just surviving, but not really living. This energy is laying heavily on the planet, making people feel like they are underwater. Sleepy, heavy, unaware. The good news is, you can get out of the pool. The only caveat? You have to do the work. No one can save you from this. The first step is to realize that you are feeling this way, and decide that you want to get...