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05. August 2019
If this has happened to you, this is a familiar story. You feel off, weird... not yourself. You are air headed and anxious with a brain that won't slow down. You think you know what is wrong. You are ungrounded! You've been here before, right? You know what to do. Perhaps you grab a dark crystal or slip into a sea salt bath. Maybe you kick off your shoes and head outside to connect your bare feet to earth. Maybe you meditate and perform some energy work to try to balance that root.

29. July 2019
Work, right? We all need income but it can so hard to thrive in toxic or hectic work environments. If you are coming home at the end of the day feeling completely wiped out, combative and emotionally exhausted, these tips are for you!

30. October 2017
Have you ever considered what the chakra system of your beloved fur baby might look like? Well no big surprise that their chakra system looks nearly identical to ours. They have all of the same chakras we do in relatively the same places with the addition of the brachial chakra. The brachial chakra is on the back, right between the shoulder blades. This is considered to be the spot where our soul and their soul can connect the strongest...

05. June 2017
I am a dream traveler. I have been for all of my life. In the past 10 years many of my dreams have been downloads of information. Sometimes, I think I am remembering something from a past life that I need to bring into my current one. Sometimes I think I'm being taken to a time and place to learn something that humanity needs right now. Recently I had one of those downloads. I was with a dear friend of mine who I frequently travel with in dreams...