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17. September 2017
It is a compelling question. Do animals have past life memories? I believe that animals have many many past lives. If that is the case, then wouldn't they have past life memories coming to the surface sometimes? I believe that they do. Have you ever had a dog who had an irrational fear? Perhaps he was terrified of water but you couldn't ever place him having a horrible experience with water. Perhaps he reacts very strongly to getting in the car...

12. June 2017
As a Past Life Regressionist, I have conducted countless regressions with clients. I have learned so many valuable things from those sessions, and occasionally things that challenge my own beliefs. Sometimes people tell me that they want to have a past life regression because it sounds like fun. I always assure them that it is not going to be fun. It is going to be work. Life changing, sometimes gut wrenching, work. And it is going to be worth it.

13. April 2016
Have you ever visited a place that somehow felt like you were returning home? I hear this from my clients sometimes and I have experienced it for myself as well. You go on vacation and end up visiting a town or an area that feels like you have been there before. I have heard many people say that it even brings up feelings of homesickness, grief and longing. I had one such experience with a town here in my home state. Lava Hot Springs is a little tiny resort town. People go there to soak in the...