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No secret can stay hidden forever...When Great Aunt Iris died, leaving her estate to the Miller family, Annie knew that the truth about her family would not stay secret for long. Her gifted young daughters had no idea that they came from a long line of witches. At least that’s what she thought…


About the authors: This book began ten years ago, when my late mother, Merri Ann Brower, started it. She died in 2011 without finishing it. I found the manuscript in her belongings, and have always thought that at some point, I would finish it for her. Section One of the book was written by Merri Ann and ghost written by me, Katie Weaver. Section Two of the book was written by me, and ghost written by Merri Ann. Literally.

Lucy, a single mother of two, moves to Rocky Point looking for a slower paced life. She gets much more, however, when she meets handsome widower Doug Brown. For Doug, it is love at first sight. Loves sweetness proves to be a double edged sword when he learns Lucy has a secret, a secret that has the power to divide Doug, his family, and his home town. Lucy is convinced that love will defeat fear, but can it? "The Very Best Thing" is a delightful novel with a great mix of romance and practical spirituality. New Age fans will love references to energy, natural healing, crystals and more!