A note from Katie
Hi everyone, I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! Please enjoy the my energetic weather report for the week.

12Weather Report September 18th-24th
Monday- It is raining prosperity today. Get out your buckets and your hats. You will want to harvest as much energy from today as you can. Be sure to allow yourself to receive abundance in many forms from others without questioning your own worthiness.
Tuesday- A warm front of community blows through today. This is a good day to connect to your blood family and your spirit family. Check in with someone that you haven't spoken to in awhile and spread the love.
Wednesday- There is a light breeze of new beginnings and fresh starts moving through today. Be sure to deal with any old baggage now so that you can move forward and a lighter easier place. That may mean that you consider practicing some forgiveness for others and yourself.
Thursday- The sun is burning bright with possibilities today. You must take action quickly and refuse to procrastinate. Though you may feel like time is moving at hyperspeed right now, do everything that you can to take advantage of opportunities presented to you now.
Friday- A high pressure front of stubborn energy moves through today. You may feel the need to stand your ground at home and at work. Be aware that you will likely be standing alone, as everyone has their own agenda right now and may not be quick to have your back.
Saturday- Emotional clouds roll through today and you may not feel like engaging with other people. Emotional withdrawal might be the very thing you need to get through the day, as you are processing through all of the events of the previous month. You may be tempted to judge yourself harshly over past decisions. Be kind and gentle with yourself. You are always doing the best you can with the information that you have.
Sunday- The wind is howling with worry today. You may find yourself worrying particularly about financial and material changes. Take the bull by the horns, and have an honest conversation with yourself and your partner about your financial situation. Make a solid plan moving forward to diminish your worry and get on top of an uncomfortable subject.
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                           Crystal Grid
Every week on The Katie Weaver Show I give my listeners a chance to add themselves to my crystal grid. I build a new grid each week that is dedicated to holding space for all of us.
Pictured is the"Attracting Abundance" grid made on May 7th, 2016.

The crystal grid for the week is assembled, blessed and posted. I have added everyone to this grid that requested a place on it. The purpose of this grid is to help all of us to continue to attract more abundance into our lives. 
The crystals featured are Fluourite, Apatite, Clear Quartz and sapphire.  
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Tip of the Week
Crystal of the Week with Kristi Brower

Kristi is a master crystologist and professional psychic advisor at 12Listen.com. She is also the host of "Kindred Spirits" on 12Radio.com. Learn more about Kristi here: www.kristibrower.com.  


Weekly Wisdom with Jamie Dawn

I am in a situation today that I knew intuitively would happen, I just wasn't clear on the timing. Let me give you a little background to it and then I will lock the pieces into the energetic puzzle for the bigger picture.

Five years ago, I sold or gave away just about everything I owned and moved to another city to merge my life with the man I call my husband today. The only thing I took with me were my clothes, a few family heirloom dishes and items of sentimental value, and some basic necessities. My son stayed behind to finish his last two years of high school, and my daughter moved into her dorm for her first year of college.

I was officially an "empty nester", starting over in a new city, knowing no one by my husband and as Spirit would lend its blessings to me (you can't make this stuff up!), my daughter. She was attending college in the same city I moved to. I also found out that one of my best friends was facing a life and death situation, and I started on a spiritual journey with Nine Gates Mystery School that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Needless to say, I had jumped from first gear into fifth gear of transition without even experiencing second, third, and fourth gear. All of the elements, emotions, and mind-bending thoughts that come with periods of change came into me like a shot of super-charged steroids. Now I have never taken steroids, but from what the data shows of those who do, it is intense to say the least.

Here we are, five years later and I am facing a new transition. Though I am not moving residences, my home is definitely being affected. My daughter and her little family (boyfriend and dog) are living in our house temporarily.and for those who have their children leave and return as adults know the dynamics are a little different. My son is still in the same city, but started what could be his life long career (as much as anyone stays with one career anymore). My spiritual community (that includes you reading this) is undergoing major stuff that at times can feel like a matter of life and death. Some of it is literal and some is moments of crisis. None of those moments of crisis are any less than another. When we are going through something, it is big, it is real, it IS our life. One thing, that is standing out the most for me that I hope will encourage you, no matter where you are in this moment. I am handling things so much differently that I ever did before.

I am offering my story as an invitation to you. Take a moment and reflect back on what has been happening for you over the past five years. Use the starting point as 2012 because a major cycle began during that time. We are going to be facing the same topics in our lives, but we should have new, stronger, better tools to deal with it then we did before. If you feel discouraged about where you are in this moment, and go into that "should" place, you know...the place in our minds that say "I should be here right now." or "I should have this by now." or "I should...you fill in the blank." Stop, for a moment and check off all of the things you have available to you now that you may not have had five years ago. Check off the blessings, the learning, the experiences, and the people who are in your life. Maybe this will bring some hope, inspiration, and perspective needed to give you a little jump start back into feeling confident and safe that, yes...you got this, and we got you!
Jamie Dawn is a professional psychic advisor at www.12listen.com. Learn more about her at www.jamiedawn.com. Be sure to join her each Wednesday morning at 8amPST/11amEST on the Jamie Dawn Show, www.12radio.com.

Brittani's Divinity     
The moment 

It's so very easy to lose ourselves in the "hurry-up" of the work week. We get up Monday, and we just absolutely go go go until Friday when we collapse, exhausted. Then Saturday we get up and hurry to get our homes in order, our laundry done, our kids "quality-timed" and our spouses "loved-enough" and then before we know it it's Sunday night and we're gearing up to start it all over again. It's exhausting.

Like - seriously. And that's before anyone gets sick, or has a birthday party to go to, or has to work overtime, or whatever else the day-to-day gets us with. There's nothing wrong with the day-to-day, by the way. There is a beautiful simplicity in the mundane that I will forever love. That collapsing at the end of the day because you actually got most of the things done, it's pretty great.

What I'm remember the need for is that moment. When your butt hits the couch and you look around at the craziness ensuing (I have 3 kids and my oldest is 11. There's craziness lol) and you go - shit, I did it. Then you can just enjoy watching the life you're living. These moments are fleeting, and tricky to remember to allow. We can get caught up in our heads, get caught up in the negativity or stress of the day, and we don't allow ourselves to feel that accomplishment that comes without warning.

For me, this week, I'm going to work on that. I'm going to pause when I walk by my window and look at "my tree" across the street (don't tell the neighbors lol). I'm going to give myself an extra 30 seconds here and there and remember why I'm humaning right now. The purpose isn't just to pay for daycare and get ahead on bills. It's to be. here. now.And that's so easy to forget.  Read more here

Brittani Oplinger is a psychic advisor at 12Listen.com. She is the host of "Against the Rules With Brittani" on Thursdays at noon Pacific on www.12Radio.com. Connect with Brittani, on Facebook, and learn more about her on her website.   

  Anita and the Masters

          Saint Bernadette
St. Bernadette was a peasant girl who lived in Lourdes, France and saw beautiful apparitions of the Mother Mary between February 11th and July 16th, 1858. A very humble girl, she was the daughter of a miller and lived in poverty. During her visits with the Blessed Mother, she was asked to dig and dig in the cave where she saw the apparitions and soon a spring of water was revealed, a source of healing water since that time. Thousands of people the world over make pilgrimages to Lourdes to experience the healing water at the original spring, visit the beautiful grotto where the Mother Mary appeared and the sacred Churches that have been built in honor of the miracles that have taken place in Lourdes. The energy there is amazing. I've visited three times and am always ready to return. Call on St. Bernadette for courage, simplicity, help with understanding mystical visions and moments and for purity of heart.
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                                                             Red's Reflections
The message coming through so loudly for me right now is loving yourself FIRST.  FIRST, people.  It is cute when we say things like this but when it comes to doing it, we drown in guilt and obligation.  We have so much trouble saying NO. Or just not doing something even though it doesn't feel quite right.   

But you're being asked to love yourself first.  We have all been through so much the last few months. I can't think of one person who has not been through the spin cycle of life since Spring.  So it is time for some gentleness.  Gentleness with ourselves. Gentleness with others. Slow down. Stop rushing. Stop speeding from one appointment to the next.  Walk slower.  Look around you.  Notice the people in your vicinity.  Spend more time with your cat or dog or bird or lover.  Schedule less and BE more. This is loving yourself!

And I know it sounds all foofy and airy fairy and woowoo.  Just do it.  This fall, DO less and BE more.  
Less FearMore Courage
Less WorryMore Hope
Less DoubtMore Belief
Less InsecurityMore Trust
Less IgnoranceMore Understanding
Less WorryMore Gratitude

September is National Suicide Awareness Month.  I require both hands to count the suicides that have touched my life personally.  Both. Hands.   I just want you to know that YOUR LIFE MATTERS.   And when you think your life doesn't matter, I will remind you IT DOES.  That isn't just a platitude or a cliche bunch of shit.  Look, I have seen the dark. I have been in it.  I am not afraid to go into the dark to help you find your way out.  You got dragons? I got swords.  You got pain? I got love.  Read more here
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Kai's Kaleidoscope
               Perspective, Perseverance, and Possibilities

September Morn
I am writing this in the early hours of 9/11/2017. Quietly composing in my mind, during the predawn darkness, I recalled that particular September morning of 9/11/2001. It was one of the most beautiful September mornings-a completely cloudless sky with the sky that was the most vivid blue. The temperature and smell of the air hinted at what I thought was, in that moment, the wondrous autumn season to come. Mentally I started singing Neil Diamond's September Morn and my spirits were high. That mood changed all too quickly. Something was amiss. As if someone flipped a  switch- the atmosphere became all too quiet.
When the first airplane hit The Trade Center Tower #1, I realized the severity of the situation and the reason why I felt the foreboding intensity of the quiet. A few weeks before, through automatic writing, I received a message that was outrageous in its content. It told of multiple airplanes (5 to 6) crashing into buildings causing many, many deaths. This was such an outrageous and tragic a message I had trouble believing it. I knew buildings would collapse and many would not survive.
And so I watched and waited for the events of the day to unfold. The beautiful blue sky turned gray with pulverized building dust and was strewn with paper from offices nine miles away from my home. There was a rush of souls moving on their way, only to increase in number as the time passed.
It was a difficult day to live through. The level of compassion and heartache that was so intense, multiplied by thousands, was almost too much to bear. But bear it we did. Thousands rallied, helping those in distress, picking up the pieces, followed by the massive rebuilding-not only of the material but more importantly of the fractured living souls that slowly had to rebuild their lives without their loved ones. A great deal of resilience and adapting to a new way of life was necessary in order to pick up the pieces and meet the human imperative to survive.
Nine days later my second grand-daughter was born. Moments of joy belonging within the Cycle of Life.
Today is 9/11/2017. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and in the midst of Hurricane Irma more resilience and adapting to a new way of life is necessary. In today's world there is still terror, there is still violence, and there are still natural disasters, and there is still grief-but there is also the common bonds of human beings rising to the occasion in each and every instance. Supporting and carrying each other through all of it.
Each and every person experiences their own particular sorrows, but also their own experiences of joy. This is the duality of life. Choose to recognize joyful moments whenever you can, stocking up those feelings in order to help strengthen you to be able to deal and live through the difficult times.
With Gratitude,
Kai Greenway is the host of "The Long Road" on 12Radio.com on Wednesdays at 12:00 PM Pacific.  She is also an instructor at 12Academy.com.   

                                             Wings Up Wisdom

It's a fine line, the truth.
There is her truth, his truth, their truth, the truth truth and your truth. Now that's a whole lot of versions of the truth going around, don't you think?  
Remember the gold/white-black/blue dress controversy going around a few years ago? For those of you who may not remember the controversy of this "Little Blue Dress", here is a recap....
People across the nation were losing their minds about whether a picture that depicted a pretty little garden party dress was a certain color. The internet even had a great divide. It was divided by people firmly in two camps: the white and gold, and the blue and black - with each thinking the other is completely wrong.
The first step to reaching a truce in the dress controversy was to construct a demonstration that could show to the "white and gold" crowd how the very same dress can also look "blue and black" under different conditions. Now you can go and do your own research on the dress (Proceed at the risk of losing your own sanity!), because people are still stuck on being right and others being wrong on that one. Or you can save yourself the whole can of worms and trust me (Never trust anyone who says "trust me"!)  and check out this handy dandy graphic that might help clear up all of this "who is RIGHT" nonsense. It just may make some sense to you!   
No one was wrong. It's just a matter of perspective!
So here's the thing. We all see and believe things differently---and that's okay. It is so very freeing when you can come from the perspective that we all have different perspectives and we don't need to agree. We especially don't need to prove how right we are, just to be right, when we already know the truth!
So let some air out of that ego. You'll feel a big swoosh of relief and then you can use that extra air to puff up your wings for being so smart and taking the high road.
The truth is that we all have our own truth. I've covered this topic many times before. You are essentially responsible for you and only you! Your actions, how you behave and how you choose to treat others. You are your own Truth. No one can tell you what your truth is. Only you canknow that!  If you don't go within and get familiar with yourself, how are you ever going to know who you really are, who you came here to be and what you came here to do in that cute flesh suit you are wearing?  There are extraordinary teachers in the world. Find the ones that resonate with you, but be careful of pedestals they are put upon and your belief systems around them having all the answers or believing that they have it all together. The truth is, we are all freaks in flesh suits and no one gets out of here alive. Hopefully we'll just ascend into the 5thdimension, but in the meantime...keep yourself zipped up and discover what's going on inside of you. Sit with that. Does that feel right? Does that make your heart sing? If it does, chances are you are on the right flight path.
In the end, the whole thing is between you and the creator of all that is (god) or, source, and "schnitzel with noodles" (Oh wait--that's the lyrics to "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music. Sorry. I'm hungry.). Okay. Well, you can call it whatever you want it to be. You've got to have some trust and faith that things are well-covered somewhere outside of yourself, so you can give these thoughts a rest, so you live resentment free and get on to keeping on what you came here to be. YOU! Living in your truth and authenticity!
Are you still with me?
No one has it all together. Everyone--and I mean everyone--here on earth has their inner knowing and that includes you!  Sometimes we just need help tapping into that knowledge and that's where a good spiritual counselor like me comes in. We all need help and outside perspective, but we also need to listen. To be still, go within and listen. There is treasure there--lots and lots of it! We are all here for the human experience. So yes, look for teachers you admire, teachers that inspire you. Strive for those behaviors you want to emulate, but more importantly, go within and listen to YOURSELF! If you trust enough to ask for the answers, then you've got to be willing to trust the answers you receive or find another source that resonates with you until it feels like truth to you. You'll know.
So the truth is, you can be right without needing to make anyone wrong (most of the time). You're welcome! Capish?
And yes, the dress was blue .............Who knew? Me, that's who!  (It's like the blue pill verses the red pill from the Matrix--but that's another blog...)
The EDGE in this Angel with an Edge is there for a reason, people!
Until next time keep your Wings Up, your mind and especially your heart open. I have faith in you!  
Elizabeth Lindsay is an Intuitive Light Warrior and a psychic advisor at 12Listen. She is the founder of Angel with an Edge and is building an army of earth angels who are spreading love and light throughout the universe, one earth angel at time. Learn more about Elizabeth and her movement at www.angelwithanedge.com and join her each Wednesday at 11:00AM-PST on her radio show Angel with an Edge show, www.12radio.com
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