A note from Katie
Hi everyone, I hope that you are having a great week!

My aunt used to say that nothing made her happier than bags of trash at the curb. As an adult I can really understand that. When my house gets too cluttered I start feeling like I'm drowning in it. Stuff carries a tremendous weight. We live in a society where we are constantly encouraged to have more. We work hard to acquire more. But the more we have, the more we have to deal with. We have to store, display, clean, repair and deal with all of the stuff in our lives.
We recently completed an addition on our home. We created an additional bedroom. As my son was moving into his new bedroom, he downsized a lot of his things. It made sense to me. Just moving bedrooms he realized that he was holding on to a lot of old things that didn't make sense to keep any more. As my daughters moved into their respective bedrooms, they discovered the same thing. In just one afternoon all 3 kids managed to clear out a tremendous amount of extra stuff. I was amazed to see all 3 of them suddenly acting like they had more energy. They got out of bed the next morning without a struggle, and got out the door on time. Their stuff is organized. They know where their clothes and their shoes are. Their bedrooms are easy to navigate. The energy is just better.
The rest of the house is just about to get the same treatment. Every so often it really pays to do a big decluttering. I am a fan of the box method. Put several boxes on the floor in the living room. Label them. One box for recycling, one for trash, one to return borrowed items, one to give things away, and one to donate.
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                           Crystal Grid
Every week on The Katie Weaver Show I give my listeners a chance to add themselves to my crystal grid. I build a new grid each week that is dedicated to holding space for all of us. Pictured is the "Ascension" grid.  This grid was originally created on March 26th, 2015.

The crystal grid for the week is assembled, blessed and posted. I have added everyone to this grid that requested a place on it.  The purpose of this grid is to support our minds, bodies and spirits in ascending to higher frequencies.

The crystals featured are Aquamarine, Rainbow Fluorite and Green Aventurine. We are also calling the sacred energy of the Merkaba.

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Tip of the Week


Crystal of the Week with Kristi Brower

Kristi is a master crystologist and professional psychic advisor at 12Listen.com. She is also the host of "Kindred Spirits" on 12Radio.com. Learn more about Kristi here: www.kristibrower.com. 


Word of the Week with Jamie Dawn

"You can't force it." If I had a nickel for every time I said or heard this phrase lately, I would be a rich lady. When something gets repeated enough times or shows up randomly and often, I see it as an attention grabber. When we force something, what often occurs feels and sounds forced. Have you ever witnessed someone being forced to do something or say something they really didn't want to? The misalignment of intention and manifestation becomes quite apparent. We often do this when we desire something so badly that we will do anything to have it, even sacrifice our own boundaries and integrity. Forcing something can also create tension, conflict, and anxiety for yourself and anyone else involved. 
So how do you manifest your desires with determination and strong-will without forcing them? Tap into your inner Taurus, your inner bull. For centuries, the bull has been a symbol of strength, tenacity, virility, and power. Most Taureans manifest their desires by rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. This bull-like energy understands that anything worth doing is worth doing well, for as long as it takes. The Taurean energy finds comfort and relaxation is the slow and steady approach to manifestations. Their motivation...Click Here to read more...  
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                            Brittani's Divinity
Suffering; it's not your life purpose

Every so often, even the most optimistic among us goes through a heavy period. It's not a lot of fun, and it really makes you think about the things, people, and activities in your life. I think it's a time to evaluate what is in your life and how it makes you feel. Are the things you're spending your time on making you happy? Do they make you feel accomplished, or proud of yourself, or are they just time-wasters? Are we filling our calendars with obligations that simply drain us?

Since forever, it seems, we are told no to be selfish. And I'm not suggesting we only think about things through the lens of "does this make me happy" or not. Let's be honest, there are things in life we do just need to do because they are an obligation. But what I am suggesting is our entire lives are not supposed to be obligation. There is supposed to be balance there. Remember that scene in "The Shining", where Jack's wife finds his manuscript? The one he's been feverishly working on the whole time they were sequestered up in that hotel? There's one line that repeats over and over and over:

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

Now - all Hollywood aside here, it's true, and it's true for both sides of the equation. We can't just play all the time - but we can make our work something we enjoy. If we're stuck in a particular job, we can look for one thing we do enjoy about it. If you can't find that, you need to make a change. Some of us hate change, but sometimes it's worth the temporary discomfort. Read more here
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Groovy Green Goddess: Health Matters! 

What if others are Grouches around you? 
The past few days everywhere I go there seems to be someone in a bad mood.  Not just people who are passing by but someone I have to interact with so I notice it immediately.  In some cases I was the person that got yelled at even though I didn't do anything.  Someone having a bad day at work.  Others who knew I wouldn't love them less if their frustration got all over me.  Co-workers that seemed to vent to me in a way that I had to be careful not to take on their frustration.  In all the situations I felt the frustration fall upon me.  How do we deal with times like this? One important thing to remember during these times is that we do not take any of what happens "Personally".  We can also remember to establish boundaries and walk away until others cool down.  Gently reminding them to go outside and take a walk is something I did in one case.  Asking another to calm down and take a break from work was another way I handled it.  Sending Love Vibes out to the frustrated people works very well.  Most importantly though is to take care of ourselves during these times.  Sending these Love Vibes out to ourselves first because in order to care for others,  we must take care of our own needs.  Staying balanced and non reactive when others around us are unbalanced and re-active is the goal.    

Lacey Dawn Jackson is a professional psychic at 12listen.com She is an Author and Groovy Green Goddess on a mission to inspire, empower and help you become the best you can be.  Connect with Lacey at GroovyGreenGoddess.com.  Say hi to her over at her Facebook page www.facebook.com/laceydawnjackson. Be sure to tune into her show Groovy Green Goddess on 12Radio.com  at 1pm pst on Thursdays!     _________________________________________________________________________________    

Anita and the Masters

     Archangel Ariel         
Archangel Ariel is known for her protection of animals, the environment and for courage...her energy is akin to a lioness as is her roar! She is strong in her conviction and faithful to her cause always. Her focus on any issue we bring to her will receive a response filled with devoted attention, pure love and a call to action. Can you hear the music of a rhythmical rattle created in the wild? Archangel Ariel will help you tune in to your wild side and help you roar your truth. She adores animals and will always care for them as well as motivate us to involve ourselves in causes that benefit animals and Mother Earth. She also inspires us to be natural in what we consume and use, and nurture our earthly roots!

Anita is a professional psychic advisor at 12Listen.com and the author of "Angel Scopes." Connect with Anita here, on Facebook

                                                             Red's Reflections

What the hell is wrong with you?

No, not you...me.  When people ask me that, my standard answer is "how much time do you have?" And yes, people do ask me that. Usually its in jest but not always.  This question comes at me for a number of reasons.

What do you MEAN you don't like BEANS? Are you a communist? (ex husband)

There is definitely something wrong with you. (mom)

How can you NOT like camping? (every man I've ever known)

How can you be allergic to dairy? It's totally natural! (miscellaneous ignorant people)

Why are you talking about Scorpio and 8th house and dark stuff in April and Spring? (judgey people in my imagination)

So...yeah. I'm fixated on the dark right now.  Maybe it's my 8th house sun. Maybe it's my Aquarius-ness. Maybe it's because my soul, like my skin, needs shade.  Maybe it's just facilitating my own deep healing.  Read more here 

But that's the fascinating thing about "the dark"...all the good stuff is in there. It's the place where we can take out our secrets and our hidden longings and our pain and examine it in safety.

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Kai's Kaleidoscope
               Perspective, Perseverance, and Possibilities

In Search of...

Have you ever allowed dogmatic religion, beliefs, or philosophies promote shame to erode your self-esteem? This is a serious question but one that should be periodically addressed while we are busily being involved with life's "stuff".

    Making a conscious evaluation of the decisions being made dependent on our beliefs is a valuable self growth process. It is necessary to ask ourselves if the decisions we make are consistent with our value system which resides comfortably within ourselves. Maybe they don't. Some of our decisions, we may be surprised to discover, may have origins in someone else's patterned beliefs that we may have adopted or resides in something in which we truly never believed.

    Whether we are willing to accept it or not, dogma affects our lives. It could be totally or partially accepted by us or it exerts influence from outside ourselves through relations, friends, or the society around us. This all impacts our lives in some way or another. What is important is that we learn to recognize it in order to evaluate it for ourselves and place it (or discard it) as we decide where, or if, it belongs within our own belief system. We must ask ourselves whether or not this piece belongs in our own life puzzle. Knowing who we truly are and knowing the qualities that will make us who we wish to be helps guide us in our lives. We must realize we are a loving person without the need for "rules and regulations" being exerted from outside ourselves. Are we comfortably able to navigate our own life's journey without guilt or shame because we are rejecting belief systems that may belong to someone else or no longer serve us.

    Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that we never need help and/or support from someone or something else. We all need that loving help and support from whomever or whatever ultimately guides us. I'm just pointing out if a particular piece of dogmatic belief doesn't fit comfortably deep inside ourselves then it's not part of our puzzle. The myths of old were used to teach those who transgressed would suffer extreme consequences. The lesson to its listeners to walk the straight and narrow (a.k.a. Control) can be compared to some of today's dogmatic beliefs. Are they throwing guilt and shame on its followers who don't walk the straight and narrow, coercing or frightening them into adherence with threats of severe punishments? Can we make healthy comparisons to the old myths and register the lesson while accepting or rejecting it without letting it erode our authenticity? Are we able to listen to our authentic selves and be true to our inner guidance system?

    Whether you are a person who always relies on a structured guidance, sometimes needs navigational assistance, or are a person who is able to rely on your own internal compass; spend some time thinking whether your beliefs are truly your own. Are we truly in control of what we believe for ourselves? We are always searching and striving for our authentic self. One of the ways we do this is to examine and evaluate each facet of our actions, discovering the true internal core of them by not shying away from the difficult questions. Nobody ever said the road to self-discovery is easy. It is hard work. We owe it to ourselves to become the most authentic person that we can be.

With Gratitude,

Kai Greenway is the host of
"The Long Road" on 12Radio.com on Wednesdays at 12:00 PM Pacific.  

Wings Up Wisdom  
My HeartLESS Desire
The other day a friend from high school commented on my FB post. She posted this in response to one of my "Wings Up" posts:

"One day I hope to love and cherish myself as you do. I am working on it! I love your positive self-love lessons!"

And my response was this ...
"Sweets, I'm on this path every single day. It's what we all came here to do. I'm learning to love myself through everything, but I have certainly not mastered it. If I can do it, so can you, Mary Lou!  : ) XO"

I've done a lot of thinking about this post, and I'd like to clarify something, and this is it: I'm on this path with you, and I really want to clarify that I've perfected nothing!  I don't even think perfection is attainable.  I spent nearly half a decade trying to achieve it.  When you see my inspirational posts about keeping your wings up, it's because I need to hear it, too. I'm building an army of earth angels because we are all on the edge of something, and that includes me! Awhile back, I went through a really scary time, and it's a miracle that I'm healthy and alive. Once you have a life threatening crisis it changes many things, and the biggest thing it changed in me was my need to speak authentically from my heart, regardless of the backlash. I don't want to die with my heart closed off and shut down. My goal is to use up my entire heart! Then I can be the gal that died with no heart because she gave it all way. Now there's a new spin on heartless. I believe we only live with regrets when we betray our own hearts.  All I know is if I follow my heart and listen to it, it screams less loudly inside of me to get my attention and be heard. Now every day I go inside my heart and the depths of my soul, and that's where I've found many gifts I came into this lifetime with that had been forgotten.

We all choose to be here at a soul level. I believe we choose our parents and our families,
and the experiences, good and bad, to help us learn compassion for everyone, including ourselves. We all come from the same creator, and the sooner we come back to our soul truth, the sooner we empower ourselves. A long time ago, as a child of 4 or 5, because of abuse and trauma, I shut down and I folded and packed away my wings.  I hid them in such a deep place that even I forgot them. But my wings would not be denied,  and they would not let me live this lifetime without being remembered and honored.  I thank that little girl for being braver than me, for keeping my wings safe for me, and for being my memory.  She's the bravest soul I know. My wings are my metaphor for empowerment.  I shut down and hid my power because I knew it would be taken from me, and it was too precious not to be mine. That which is truly yours can never, ever pass you by.    To continue reading please click here
Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up, Keep your Wings Up and Never Give Up, Right Now!
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