A note from Katie
Hi everyone, I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! Please enjoy the my energetic weather report for the week.
12Weather Report November 13th-20th

Monday- A gentle breeze of options is blowing through. You are safe to trust your gut as you make decisions about your future today. Reach out to a trusted friend or advisor if you need to hash things out.
Tuesday- The sun is shining bright today, illuminating and energizing your connection to your higher self. It's all about the Crown chakra. Be sure that you give yourself some time for meditation as you connect to your guidance for support.
Wednesday- We can expect gale force winds of success to move through today. This is an excellent day to launch something new, or see the completion of a goal you have been working on. This is a good time to ask for a raise or put in for a promotion.
Thursday- A gentle pitter patter of love is sprinkling down. You may find a new relationship blossoming. You may also find current relationships deepening to a place of intimacy that you had not known in the past. This is a great day to make a move on someone you have been dreaming about.
Friday- A strong band of unconditional love moves through, inspiring you to reach out to the ones that you love. You may feel drawn to spend some time in service of friends and family today. Perhaps you will buy lunch for the homeless guy on the corner or pay for the coffee of the car behind you in the drive-through line. Whatever you do, this energy is ripe for random acts of kindness towards strangers and loved ones alike.
Saturday- The winds of change are blowing yet again, transforming you in some way. You may discover that a bit of your own philosophy is changing. It could be due to new information or a strong gut feeling. Either way, trust yourself and do not apologize for being you.
Sunday- There is a haze in the sky today that feels both magical and mystical. This energy will make you want to go deep within and seek out some of your own inner truth. This is an excellent time to meditate, daydream and write.
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                           Crystal Grid
Every week on The Katie Weaver Show I give my listeners a chance to add themselves to my crystal grid. I build a new grid each week that is dedicated to holding space for all of us.
Pictured is the "Vanishing Stress" grid made on March 20th, 2015.

The crystal grid for the week is assembled, blessed and posted. I have added everyone to this grid that requested a place on it. The purpose of this grid is to help stop stress in its tracks.  
The crystals featured are Lepidolite, Fluorite and Desert Rose. 
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Tip of the Week
Crystal of the Week with Kristi Brower

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Weekly Wisdom with Jamie Dawn
This week is set up as one of the most attractive, romantic, and adventurous weeks of the year. Jupiter and Venus will be wrapping their arms around each other expanding the love we want and hopefully feel within ourselves. Of course, we have to pay attention to our tendency of over romanticizing something or someone. That phrase, "If it is too good to be true, it probably is" would be appropriate in this case. However, I am hearing in my head the song lyrics by Cher, "Do you believe in life after love?" This week may just be when you believe not only in love again, but that life really does love you. This energy applies to more than just romance as well. Business deals may be solidified, negotiations and agreements finalized for the benefit of all parties involved, promotions and accolades given, or landing that big account or client. In simple terms, all those times of blood, sweat, and tears is finally paying off.

Mercury, the planet of connection, communication, and information is now in adventure seeking, (Jupiter ruled) Sagittarius, beckoning us to share our thoughts and ideas with our closest connections. At times it may appear that we are making quick or hasty decisions, but when you drill down to the truth of the matter, your mind may have been made up a while ago, you just needed the right opportunity. This week offers a number of opportunities to dive deep into subject matters that need to be discussed, explored, or hammered out, as the timing just wasn't right before.

As we are discussing the personal planets (they have the most immediate influence on us), let's not forget Mars sitting in the sign of Libra squaring off with the powerful planet Pluto. What this could mean for many of us is that as we activate the power of attraction, love, truth, and desire we may also feel intensely driven to put our desires into action. Love affairs can start here, relationship make or break can happen, or coming out parties ensue. I like to describe this Mars energy as "crawling out of your skin" energy. Meaning, you just have to tell someone something or you just have to do something because you are so uncomfortable or so restless you feel as if you will crawl out of your own skin in order to break free.

So let me offer this to you, what do you value most in relationships? This is what will come to the forefront of conversations, relations, and actions. Because last, but certainly not least, we have a powerful new moon this week. The energy by the weekend will most likely make you want what you want. If you are out of alignment with what you value most in any area of your life, then you just might find yourself feeling intensely negative emotions. However, if you are willing to keep both feet on the ground this week, explore what is true for you, take a chance in love, speak to what you want and need, and be transparent in your intentions, this new moon may just make your deepest desires a reality.

My desire for all of us, is that we can continue to live our authentic nature, and share our gifts with one another in a way that benefits us all. Remember, humans are not programmed to harm one another, so let's be more kind, more compassionate, more loving. This is part of our authentic selves.
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Brittani's Divinity     
But Mom? 

I seriously hear, "but Mom" and/or "and Mom" about 500 times a day. It's so funny, because my 11-year-old starts every sentence with, "And Mom?" and trust me, sometimes it's maddening. But it really makes you think - when someone puts that extra effort into making sure you're paying attention, it means what they are telling you is important - to them.

Now, not everything my 11-year-old tells me is important - to me. That might make me a sucky mom to admit, but it's true. As much as I love her and as much as I'm proud of her for reading all the time - I don't need to know why the latest drama in her 39 Clues books is so enticing. However, she needs to tell me. And therefore, I gotta listen.

I heard once the best way to bond with your kiddos, especially if you have girls, is just to let them talk. Since I heard that, I've consciously changed the way I listen to my kiddos. Instead of doing something while I listen, I remind myself to stop and make eye contact, slow down for a minute, and engage with them. And you know what? It's working.  Read more here

Brittani Oplinger is a psychic advisor at 12Listen. She is the host of "Against the Rules With Brittani" on Thursdays at noon Pacific on 12Radio. Connect with Brittani, on Facebook, and learn more about her on her blog.   

  Anita and the Masters

Archangel Metatron
Archangel Metatron is believed to have lived as a human on earth. He has a very matrix like energy aura around him which makes sense given that he uses the merkabah cube to heal, lift spirits and banish negative energies. You can call on him anytime for healing and it will be powerful. He is connected to geometry and is know as a teacher of high vibrating and esoteric knowledge. He is very connected to helping children with extra sensory gifts and also helping parents and those who interact with these children. He loves to provide us with downloads of Divine wisdom. He often appears in sparkly energy and helps us with balance and spiritual DNA issues. Call on him for healing and for assistance with learning new spiritual concepts.
Anita is a professional psychic advisor at 12Listen and the author of "Angel Scopes." Connect with Anita here, onFacebook.  

                                                             Red's Reflections
My inner 4 year old's point of view on life.
I made this funny, smart ass meme/post this week on Facebook and I wanted to use it here as well. The more I think about it, the more amused I am by my naivete up to this point. I am both laughing at crying as I write this. 

Here it is. I believe it is self explanatory, but I will offer some explanation anyway, because that's why they pay me the big bucks here.*

I always pictured the path of self discovery, or enlightenment, to be this lovely stroll... like walking with Jesus on the seashore where He points out where He's been carrying me. 
In reality, it's a steep hike, in summer, with Pontius Pilate. And he's like "carry your own shit, bitch". 
(Side note: I HATE HIKING. and summer. and carrying shit.)  Read more here
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Kai's Kaleidoscope
               Perspective, Perseverance, and Possibilities

Merriam -Webster dictionary defines the word kind as: having or showing a gentle nature and a desire to help others: wanting and liking to do good things and to bring happiness to others. And defines kindness as: the quality or state of being kind; and a kind act.

How do we express kindness? Are we surrounded by more meanness or kindness in the world today? And can humans be taught to be kind or is it genetic?
Basically, expressing kindness is showing your gentle nature towards others by wanting to help; doing good deeds; and bringing happiness and joy to others (and yourself). Acts of kindness brings back to the giver a sense of personal satisfaction and connectedness with others. It can bring to all parties involved calmness and a sense of relaxation; it eases pain, increases energy levels and could also reduce high blood pressure. In true expressions of kindness the giver expects nothing tangible in return.
Expressions of kindness are shown in many different ways. Kindness can be expressed in words: speaking kindly to others, including and especially to those who don't expect it (salespersons, wait staff, telemarketers, etc.). It can be expressed in your body language: a smile, a gentle touch on the arm or shoulder, or a hug. Expressions through an action of work: carrying someone's package, doing a small repair job, shopping for someone, volunteering to build a home, working in a food pantry or preparing food for a homeless shelter, etc. Kindness is also expressed in the giving of donations of food, clothing and money to charitable organizations. From the person offering a simple smile to the major philanthropist, all are expressing their kindness.

Is there more meanness or more kindness in the world? I think that is a matter of does the beholder see the glass half empty or half full? One must always keep in mind that the cruelty and violence in the world has always taken place at varying degrees and in various locations through time. It may seem like it is worse or more rampant, but this may be partly due to the media outlets headlining the negative instead of the positive.
Since kindness can be directly associated with how people positively get along in society, is it a part of one's physical makeup? A small study done in 2011 showed that a gene variation was found in study participants who were more kind, caring and trustworthy. If broader studies have the same results then yes, there is a definite genetic link that exists in a human's makeup that makes them a kinder person.
Can kindness be taught? Kindness can be taught and is being taught. With today's growing trend in education on the side of promoting children's social-emotional and character development, they are being armed with the skill set needed to teach them kindness. Receiving kindness and showing kindness through classroom behavior and doing service oriented projects enhance these children's progress to show kindness to others. We must all do our part: families, communities, and school classrooms must provide the necessary nurturing of kindness as a consistent example that children will naturally emulate.

As our human community globally reaches the tipping point, we can then make an impactful change in the meanness and cruelty that also exists in our world. Although it may be far in the future, a world filled with kindness will be possible.

Kindness does matter. Giving you all a big hug of kindness-
With Gratitude,
Kai Greenway is a psychic advisor at 12Listen. She is also the host of "The Long Road" on 12Radio on Wednesdays at Noon PST, as well as an instructor at 12Academy

                                             Wings Up Wisdom
Riddle me this?
To add to your spiritual bank account, read this all the way through,
If you have a doubt, don't worry, I have great faith in you.
I'm sure that you will figure out, just what this blog is all about.
This powerful subject is all the Rage, as you will see by the end of this page.
Don't cheat and look down to the end, just keep on reading, my dear friend.
'Cause it could bite you in the ass if you decide to skip the class.
"You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them and know when to walk away."
Like Kenny Rogers sang ....But I pray that you will stay
And wait for the big reveal, because you don't know how this will make you feel.
Do you know how low you can go or high you can fly? All will be peeled, healed and revealed and I'll tell you why.
So let's make a deal. If you read to the end, I'll clue you in, my special friend.  
This thing should not be on a train. A train to Maine, or on a plane.
If you drive by car it will work better by far, if you stay in your very own lane.
It can come as slow as a snail or move at the fastest of speed, and always deliver what is divinely in need.
And that, my friend, is guaranteed!
You can swear it, you can wear it, heck you can even compare it, to others, but be sure that you don't dare despair it.  
You can claim it, you can try to explain it, but you can never really contain it.
You can try to avoid it, but that will never work. You can curse it, nurse it or milk it for all it's worth.
It can make you feel ecstatically happy, or in equal measure, especially crappy!  
And, oh crap, it can make you snap!
It will kick you the backside, catch you in a riptide, or be so sweet you can drink it neat.
(Or eat it messy!) It might sweep you off your feet.
Because like in a restaurant you usually get served, just what it is that you deserve (eventually).
One thing's for sure, and I mean it my friend, it will always work out in the end.
It's Karma!
Not sure if I agree with that but it makes a fancy anagram for Karma, doesn't it?
All of this Dharma is Karma Drama. Let me explain....
The principle of divine order (DHARMA) is fate (KARMA) creating an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances (DRAMA).
Dharma:  (Hinduism)The principle of cosmic order.
Karma: (Buddism) The sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Destiny, Fate, following as effect from cause.
Drama:  An exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances.
Everyone can't possibly have good karma. It's like good taste, it's the law of averages, we carry our own baggage and nothing goes to waste.
So take a look around. There's a lot of drama around other people's karma and opinions of dharma,
Like who should get screwed and who will shine. In the end it has nothing to do with our opinions, because that outcome belongs to the Divine. (Or unicorns, fairies, God or la-la land whatever you want to name it. Hey it's your karma not mine)
TITLE: Karma, Dharma & Drama (yes, I know this usually goes at the beginning) It was a riddle and I do most things bass ackwards---like grow wings on earth and a whole bunch of other stuff you really don't need to be concerned with right now).
You're welcome!
Wings UP Get Up, Listen Up, Show Up, Shine Up and Never Give Up!
Elizabeth Lindsay is an Intuitive Light Warrior and spiritual counselor at 12Listen,  a 12Academy instructor and the founder of the Angel with an Edge movement where she is building an army of earth angels who are spreading love and light throughout the universe, one earth angel at time. Learn more about Elizabeth and her movement at www.angelwithanedge.com  and join her each Wednesday at 11:00AM-PST on her radio show Angel With an Edge at 12Radio.   

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