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Hi everyone, I hope that you had a wonderful weekend!

I have a precious Chihuahua who is 11. His name is Skippy. He has never been an athletic guy. He has never been able to jump up onto the couch. That is a huge issue for him, since he spends 90% of his day there. Nothing makes Skip happier than an afternoon of snuggling in quilts on the couch. Additionally if anyone else is sitting on the couch he believes that it is his responsibility to sit with them. Recently he was the recipient of a set of puppy stairs. They were hand-me-downs from his dachshund  cousins who refused to use them. Their mother had finally had enough of them and passed them on to Skip. He wasn't sure what to make of them initially. I had to teach him how to use them by chumming him up the stairs with Cheese Nips. It didn't take him long to figure out that those stairs meant freedom. Now he comes up and down the stairs many times every day. Up the stairs to lay on the couch, down the stairs to get a drink, up the stairs to bark out the window, down the stairs to go see what someone else is up to. It goes on and on all day. No longer does he have to beg next to my chair to be picked up. He simply sprints up his stairs and is in my lap in no time. It has been fun to watch him discover his new-found freedom and start using it. The incredible thing is, he has perked up in other ways too. He is not sleeping as much. He is playing with toys a lot more. He is bouncing around the house looking for someone to play with. He has even been venturing into the backyard to play a little bit. Skippy's life has literally been changed by a hand-me-down set of stairs. 
I have a talked to a lot of people lately who are feeling stuck. Jobs, money, relationships and personal growth are all topics of stagnancy. People are looking for their own set of stairs to elevate them to a new level.
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                           Crystal Grid
Every week on The Katie Weaver Show I give my listeners a chance to add themselves to my crystal grid. I build a new grid each week that is dedicated to holding space for all of us.
Pictured is the "Law of Attraction in Action" grid. This grid was built on May 20th, 2017.

The crystal grid for the week is assembled, blessed and posted. I have added everyone to this grid that requested a place on it.  The purpose of this grid is to energize our use of the Law of Attraction. 
The crystals featured are Kyanite, Peridot, Rutilated Quartz and Smoky Quartz.

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Tip of the Week


Crystal of the Week with Kristi Brower

Kristi is a master crystologist and professional psychic advisor at 12Listen.com. She is also the host of "Kindred Spirits" on 12Radio.com. Learn more about Kristi here: www.kristibrower.com. 


Word of the Week with Jamie Dawn

We have a lot of Gemini energy now. Sun and Mars in Gemini and on the 25th the moon will join up with these two cosmic beings. True to form, I am all over the place, moving from one subject to another, curious about everything, and trying to find a connection to anyone and anything (Gemini energy loves this sort of thing). Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is all about the mind. Notice and monitor your thoughts. Pay attention to them and like little children they need healthy boundaries, protection, and direction. If you are willing to parent your mind, you will find great joy and fun as the ideas and connections ebb and flow.

In the upcoming days, we may experience bursts of ideas and trying to capture just one and nail it down, may be more difficult than we would like. Imagine yourself standing in front of a bubble machine with tons of bubbles floating and popping all around you. The minute you try and catch a bubble it pops. The trick isn't to catch a bubble, but to allow it to land naturally and gently. Your ideas and connections will work the same as the bubbles. Don't grab and poke at them, but allow the energy and people to come to you. Stay present with them as long as they are there, and then turn your attention to the next. Capture the ideas by writing them down, and maybe journal your experience with another. Entrepreneur and business tycoon, Richard Branson has said that he wouldn't have been able to build Virgin without a simple notebook, which he takes with him wherever he goes. We are in the business of building our own business everyday, the business of self-awareness and being the delicious individuals that we are. Consider your ideas and connections opportunties to invest in your ongoing business of self.  Read more here

Jamie Dawn is a professional psychic advisor at www.12listen.com. Learn more about her at www.jamiedawn.com. Be sure to join her each Wednesday morning at 8amPST/11amEST on the Jamie Dawn Show, www.12radio.com.

Brittani's Divinity     
 Accepting Help

God, life is so complicated, dammit! It makes me think of that old cranberries song - "God, I feel like Hell tonight". It's funny too, because I'm really not angry. But sitting here, with silence in my house so I can work - all I can think about is whether I'm scarring my children by making them do "my" housework.

I have the two littles out in the garden with their dad, "helping" him do work out there that he wants to get done. I have my oldest in the kitchen doing the dishes, because she'll be at Grammy's house tonight and won't be here to do the dinner dishes. And the whole time, I'm worrying that I'm slacking off by coming in here and working and writing.

Mom-ing is hard. Wife-ing is hard. I feel the urge to go tell my husband to be nice, because they don't need him to be so gruff. Mind you - he's not mean - he's just a man and talks like one. He doesn't talk like a Mom. Which is handy, since he's not one.

I have to laugh though - this is such a sweet thing for him to be doing on our Anniversary. We've been married 6 years today, together for 10, and he really does know the right things to do to help me when I need it. The struggle is in me - letting him help me without feeling guilty.  Read more here
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Groovy Green Goddess: Health Matters! 
Mind your energy 
It is so important to take care of ourselves energetically!  We all know it is a good idea to take care of ourselves on the physical level (whether we do it or not is another story...lol) but taking care of ourselves on an energetic level is another story.  Sometimes we get into situations where we realize the energy is just funky, stinky and down right awful and it seems too late to shed this unwanted energy we have picked up especially when it comes from people close to us.  Recently I experienced this in a bad way.  Usually I can ward of anything that may harm me energetically when dealing with toxic people whom I love dearly.  When it comes to maintaining boundaries is when it gets really sticky sometimes.  I have always been the one in my family who has always spoke out about the giant elephant hanging out in the room so by doing this I haven't been the most popular one in the family on many occasion.  Last week I dealt with a situation that forced me to hold fast to my boundaries once again.  It was apparent to me that if I did what was being asked of me that I would be enabling certain family members so I lovingly gave advice and support but not in the way they expected.   This brought interference from other family members who have been repeatedly manipulated into enabling these family members. ...to read more...

Lacey Dawn Jackson is a professional psychic at 12listen.com She is an Author and Groovy Green Goddess on a mission to inspire, empower and help you become the best you can be.  Connect with Lacey at GroovyGreenGoddess.com.  Say hi to her over at her Facebook page www.facebook.com/laceydawnjackson. Be sure to tune into her show Groovy Green Goddess on 12Radio.com  at 1pm pst on Thursdays!     _________________________________________________________________________________    

Anita and the Masters

     Green Man         
May has arrived so it is very appropriate to reflect on a warm and fuzzy Ascended Master known as The Green Man. He is deeply connected to nature and the outdoors and Spring is a great time to see him. He dwells among the trees and other foliage and you will often see his smiling face reflected through a tree. His energy is like that of a loving and adoring father who cherishes every ounce of your being. He encourages us to spend significant time outdoors and to help preserve nature and the creatures of the planet. I had the privilege of seeing The Green Man while in my backyard tree house reading book after book as a child. He became known as my invisible friend! Now, it's time to make him yours!
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                                                             Red's Reflections

Disappointment is a part of life.  Nothing inaugurates you into the office of
Human Being more effectively than disappointment. Being an empath makes the experience of other people's disappointment really intense. Being a parent amplifies it even more.And among the difficult things in parenting, seeing your child disappointed surely ranks in the top 5.

I hate seeing my kids disappointed. And unfortunately, it happens regularly.  My son is cursed with the perfectionist gene, coupled with teenage apathy syndrome.  So sometimes he creates his own disappointment.  And then rolls around in it and drags it all over the house and gets it on all of us. But other times, the disappointment comes from not being recognized for his achievements when he really deserves to be. 

"Deserve" is a word I try not to use. But I don't have a better one.  When your kid is the shortest kid in school and decides to go out for both football, then basketball, having zero experience in either, and then kicks ass at both, he deserves recognition.  Unfortunately it usually comes packaged as "even though he's small..."   

He was relaying such a story to me the other day and I said  "Dude, adults say lame things sometimes.  That's like saying to Mandy 'You're really smart even though you're a girl'."

He hackled up and said "That's messed up!"  Read more here 

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Kai's Kaleidoscope
               Perspective, Perseverance, and Possibilities

Help Wanted:

Super Hero- Dynamic use of skills, unique travel opportunities, high degree of satisfaction

Global Hero Network strives to improve the quality of life on this planet living by the "We are One" code. We have a well-respected team of Super Heroes and are on the cutting edge of solving world challenges. Our company has been named 'Number 1 World Problem Solver' three years running by World Problem Monitors. 
We are looking for Super Heroes with a minimum of two super powers, tireless energy, high communicative skills, and the innate ability to discern the truth. Crime fighting experience a plus.

Branch offices worldwide.
Why should you apply:
  • Immense job satisfaction
  • Constant honing of skills
  • Admiration and gratitude from all walks of life
  • Immediate employment placement available
  • Choice of start date
Contact: WorldHeroNetwork.com

If it was only this simple! Guess we just have to take care of it ourselves!

Kai Greenway is the host of
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Wings Up Wisdom  
Rest, reflect and don't neglect yourself!

Sometimes the best thing you can possibly do in the whole wide world is take care of you.
Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up, Keep your Wings Up and Never Give Up, Right Now!
Elizabeth Lindsay is the founder of Angel With An Edge and is building an army of earth angels who are spreading love and light throughout the universe, one earth angel at time. Learn more about Elizabeth and her movement at www.angelwithanedge.com   and join her each Wednesday at 11:00PST/1:00EST on her radio show  Angel With an Edge show, www.12radio.com    







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