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Created with love for sensitive souls, the “Ground, Bless, Protect and Move” deck provides gentle, easy-to-follow guidance that helps users explore the four most crucial aspects of spiritual self-care.


“Ground, Bless, Protect and Move” is as unique as the four Psychic Sisters who created it. It provides hands-on guidance for anyone who wants to nurture their spirit, as well as gives users tools to help them work on the four most critical aspects of spiritual self-care: Ground, Bless, Protect and Move. 


Practical yet inspirational, the deck features cards that focus on either connecting spirit to the energy of the Earth; enhancing life by self-blessing; shielding energy from outside influences; or raising vibration through movement. An accompanying guidebook offers a simple action - such a taking walk in nature – in conjunction with each card. 


“Ground, Bless, Protect and Move” will especially appeal to energy-sensitive women of all ages who struggle with increasingly busy lives in an increasingly complex world. Ideal for everyday use and easy to use, it encourages women to slow down and take time to nourish their spirit though enlivening, illuminating ideas and instruction. It will help its user’s lead more centered, joyous lives and so become the favored deck for all who use it.


Spiritual self-care is essential to leading a life of peace and plenitude, but in an increasingly demanding, complicated world too often it is overlooked. The “Ground, Bless, Protect and Move” deck gives users the tools they need to nurture their spirit every day.

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