I have a passion for internet talk radio, and I host two weekly shows. I work for 12Radio.com because I love the family feel of the company. Radio gives me the opportunity to reach out and connect with listeners all over the world, and I truly honor that. Each week, I ask spirit what the topic of the show should be, in order to best serve my listeners. I also try to keep up with the chat room and engage my listeners as contributors to the conversation.

Join Katie every week as she teaches you how to pull together all of the shimmering threads of your spirituality. Katie will help weave them together into an amazing fabric of YOU. From crystals to herbs, oracles to Angels, her topics are always fun and informative. Prepare to laugh, learn, and be inspired!

'The Psychic Sisters' is a fun and engaging show starring 4 talented sisters. We discuss the current energy, current events and share some of our own magical experiences. We are excited to visit with callers and chatters. Our goal has always been to make the world a better place by spreading love.


Join us on Thursdays at 11:00 AM Pacific at www.12radio.com for all of the fun. Everyone is family with the Psychic Sisters!

The 12news Hour is a weekly update about what is going on in the 12 Universe. Psychic Sisters Kristi Brower and Katie Weaver will interview 12Listen.com Advisors and 12Academy.com Instructors and 12Radio.com Hosts about their lives, their classes and the services they offer.