Here is what other people are saying about their experiences with Katie


 Thank you Katie. I can always feel the energy work that you do and it makes a difference! It has even helped me to heal on a physical level, a cold that was getting worse started to get better after a session that we had. November 21, 2019

Katie has helped me numerous times with my animal companions. Understanding what I am thinking and me better understanding them. Her help has been invaluable.  October 31, 2019

Katie is a guiding Light in our lives & her powerful clearings, intuitive guidance and compassionate support are priceless! Do yourself a favor & CALL HER! ;) October 29, 2019

Katie is always a source of comfort and clarity. She's a gifted energy healer and psychic. Her readings are full of compassion and wisdom, and I'm deeply grateful for her. October 28, 2019

Always a great advisor to call. She tunes in quickly and is able to see what the situation is. Her clearings work too! October 17, 2019

Always love speaking with Katie!!! She has the most amazing energy!!! October 15, 2019

Katie is one of most kind compassionate and loving people I know in addition to her being an extremely professional and accurate intuitive. She has helped me on many occasions with both physical and emotional issues. She's also works directly as an animal communicator with my dogs over many years. Supporting us through aging and health issue and behavioral issues. I am so grateful to have her in my life! October 06, 2019

So gifted, warm, healing and insightful. Katie will not dissappoint you! October 05, 2019

Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely

Katie is a tremendously gifted advisor. She has excellent reading skills and is able to tune into the people and situations in your life in such a manner that you feel seen, heard, understood and deeply supported all at once. Thank you Katie! October 03, 2019

What a wonderful way to gain peace of mind! I had such a beautiful call with Katie. She quickly saw how to answer my queries and gave me clear and positive guidance on how to proceed, with additional information about further into the future. Then, she talked to my little dog to ask him how I could help with a recent bereavement and how we could help each other. Just awesome and so kind. I feel so much better. I would wholeheartedly recommend talking to Katie. Shes a "go to." September 29, 2019

Thank you, Katie! The reading was extremely beneficial and healing. I loved it! Much love and blessings to you. September 28, 2019

Katie tunes in to the root of an issue/issues to clear it out. Her technique for energy work is something you can feel. I am amazed at the results of her clearing, because I could see it in my daily life. September 27, 2019

Katie is the best Animal Communicator I've ever known. She gets the information quickly and accurately. Most of all, she has a huge heart that's full of warmth and compassion -which is very comforting if the answer to your question is sad or unpleasant. I highly recommend her. September 16, 2019

Help with healing fantastic as always!  September 14, 2019

Katie is AMAZING! Her ability to read & shift your energy is nothing short of a miracle. She's compassionate, fast & powerful. She's my family's secret weapon for feeling good & thriving! September 13, 2019

Thank you for a great update, Katie! Always appreciate it...always trust in your guidance! :) September 03, 2019

Been chatting with her for over a year and her readings are always helpful and insightful and she has been there for me during some really difficult moments---giving me the clarity I have needed. Give her a call! August 29, 2019

Hi Katie, that grounding/clearing work you did on my office was BIG. Thank you so much. It had an immediate impact on my own energy. Wow! August 16, 2019

What a fabulous session! The merkaba healing was focused, deep and provided an understanding of old patterns. Will be back to work on another area I'm sure! August 15, 2019

Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely

I asked so many questions; received so many answers! Katie's accuracy in readings is spot-on and provides incredible comfort and understanding!  August 08, 2019

Wonderful reading! Thank you so, so very much! You are an incredible reader, and I can't thank you enough! July 21, 2019


 Good to have Katie to help connect with my beloved dog when I wanted to confirm what I thought was going on. Tenderhearted! July 18th, 2019


I love how I can ALWAYS count on a solid reading from Katie. She quickly tunes into my situation and goes right into the core of the issue and then helps me get peace of mind.  July 16th, 2019


Hands down, one of the best animal communicators I've ever spoken with. Katie spoke to my puppy, and he did exactly what she told him he needed to do. He jumped in my face and barked to go out, every time! She spoke...he listened! Thank you so very much!  July 2nd, 2019


Thank you for the beautiful messages and reassurance, Katie! I'll definitely tune in to this video every time I feel sad and miss my girl Holly. I also cannot wait for your show this week about animal communication! Have a great 4th! :) July 01, 2019



SIMPLY PHENOMENAL!! Katie gave me SPOT ON psychic insights, a connection with my deceased Aunt that gave me full body goosebumps & did an energy clearing/protection that left me feeling like a new woman. She's our go-to energy worker & psychic!!  June 30, 2019


Truly the best there is anywhere. If she says everything is okay, then everything is okay. She is loving, clear, fast, and all around wonderful. June 28, 2019



Katie was so supportive and knowledgeable. I loved how she "read me like a book" and gave me some good insight. Best part was she brought in my friend who has passed and I was able to communicate with. She is one talented and gifted lady and I highly recommend her!  June 27, 2019



Love Katie June 26, 2019

I had a better understanding of what has been changing in my life and why it has been happening after Katie answered my questions. Thank you!  June 26, 2019



Love Katie she is the best!!!   June 26, 2019



Katie is warm, caring, insightful and able to see into the issues with a strength that helps you reach clarity within yourself. Thank you for our talks Katie! They really help me - hugs! June 26, 2019



I always love talking to Katie! She is a gifted psychic! She gives both accurate readings and energy clearings! June 12, 2019



Katie, I can't thank you enough for how much you help me, support me, and guide me. You continue to listen to all my trials and tribulations (sometimes TMI, LOL) and never hesitate to give kind loving guidance. Thank you deeply from my heart. June 12, 2019



Thank you very much, Katie! You calmed me down and helped me see things in perspective. Sent me off into the right direction.... May 30, 2019



Katie was amazing at just really showing that she was listening. She made me feel safe and not crazy. May 13, 2019



Subtle yet powerful. She is so connected to the details that she could be a close friend. Her energy clearing is phenomenal!! Without me saying a thing about my body she was able to locate and remove energy blockages that I hadn't related to the specifics in my life. Always positive but also realistic and her advise is spot-on. Thank you. She left me crying and laughing! May 04, 2019



Thanks Katie! Always a pleasure! Love laughing with you! I thank you so much for your tenderness and caring and wonderful readings!  May 01, 2019



Today I called Katie to help me with a behavior issue with my cat. Katie was able to hear both sides of the story and help My cat and I come up with a plan we could both live with. THANK YOU. April 28, 2019



I've called many times for various readings and I feel so safe with the advice she gives. She feels nurturing, knowledgeable, she's been an angel to me on many occasions.  April 20, 2019


 She is good, accurate and honest. And really kind. I trust her. April 12, 2019


Always consistent and clear. Tells you the truth but with kindness. Highly recommended. April 05, 2019


I feel so much better after talking with Katie! She verified some things about my kitties and took a huge load of guilt off my shoulders. She was able to describe personality traits of the two, so I knew she was connecting to the right cats. Katie was so kind and so compassionate but very confidant in her messages from them. I highly recommend Katie and would absolutely call her again. She is the real deal.  April 04, 2019


A truly astounding reading from this sweet and genuine advisor. She gave me powerful insight into our business and what steps to consider to move our project forward. She picked up right away on some of my concerns about a potential research partnership. My grandmother came through with a surprising message I was not expecting and that made me cry! Thank you so much, this was wonderful. Highly, highly recommended!  April 02, 2019


Thank you, Katie! The cycle of life... I appreciate your kind words. March 18, 2019


Fabulous! Thank you, Katie! Great advice, today! Loved, loved, loved talking with you. March 15, 2019


Very compassionate and full of light. Keen insight   March 12, 2019


Katie is amazing. I cannot say enough as to her compassion along with her ability to get right to the heart of the situation. March 01, 2019


Many thanks, Katie, for tuning in and communicating with our visitor! We have faith in a positive outcome!  February 18, 2019


Thank you Katie for calming me down with your wonderful words of wisdom and kindred spirit. You always shine the light!!  February 12, 2019


Katie is absolutely amazing, a true Angel. Exactly what is needed to stay centered and choose peace. February 07, 2019

Thank you Katie for always being there and giving me the help that I have needed. I absolutely love and value you. You are a Godsend and I appreciate your calm and clear guidance.  February 07, 2019

Every time I read with Katie it is an amazing experience and healing. She goes above and beyond always to help with any situation. She removes fear and anxiety and her healings are heaven sent. Her guidance is always caring and right to the point. I honor and adore Katie she always helps and makes me feel normal again. It is a blessing. Love love Katie. February 03, 2019


KATIE IS AMAZING!!! She's the secret sauce for feeling better INSTANTLY! Her powerful energy work always leaves us with a sense of ease, lightness & joy AND she genuinely cares about her clients at such a deep level!  February 02, 2019


I appreciate Katie's love and understanding. More, I appreciate her accuracy. She gets it! I also like the fact that I don't have to get caught up in words; she knows I want to get straight to it and have a lot I want to know about. Time flies but, good thing is, she is concise and doesn't take up paid time with discussion around things you already know. She's become family to me and I count on her help to get through this life! She's my rock and has far more insight than anyone else! She's the best and I love her soul!  January 22, 2019


Lovely to speak with you, again, Katie! You are a delightful reader and friend... Thank you for helping me achieve balance and peace. January 21, 2019


Katie is truly the best advisor if you need to release the heaviness and return to the lightness. Her energy healing and clearing sessions are incredible and it is because she simply cares. She cares about you. Her time-based sessions are worth every cent and I am so thankful to know who to call when I need to release the weight. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! January 07, 2019


Katie is an absolute Angel. I trust her more than anyone. She really does leave you feeling better than she finds you. She's loving, supportive, and always right. Reading with her is a gift.  January 03, 2019


Katie is just wonderful at connecting to my pets. She understands what's going on with them, their relationship issues, personal issues. And she communicates with them. Thank you!  January 01, 2019